On-Demand Training for eLearn at My School

This on-demand training is designed in a progression of topics that build upon each other. ​It is recommended that you begin with Topic 1 and move your way through each Topic. If you feel you are a more advanced user, feel free to jump down to the Exploration and Advanced sections or scroll down and select learning based on your personal needs. In addition, you can access training based on a specific digital tool by browsing the list at the right.​​​

Foundational | Exploration | Advancing

Foundational Playbook for Teachers


Getting Prepared

Update and Refresh your Computer​​

Family Support Resources:

Connecting with Families

ATLAS Connect to Communicate with Families in their Home Language

Using Remind for initial connection with families and ongoing updates 

Using Microsoft Forms to survey families

Establishing Structures and Routines for Distance Learning

Posting Daily or Weekly Schedules in Teams

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Online Instruction

Teams Meetings for Synchronous Online Instruction


Developing Instructional Videos through Screen-casting

Teams Assignments for Asynchronous Digital Activities


Developing Collaborative, Digital Activities

Providing Feedback in Various Digital Forms

Using Online Assessments to Target Instruction

Teams Advanced Features

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