This page provides a list of commonly used tools for eLearn at My School or Distance Learning. For each tool, you will find a description and a link to documentation and tutorials.

Class Teams provide an all-in-one solution for distance learning. The class team can be used to share files and information, engage in online discussions and facilitate digital assignments for asynchronous learning. It also includes an online meeting tool to conduct synchronous online instruction.

The Clever app provides our teacher and students with a single sign-on (SSO) to our various learning applications adopted by our school district. In addition, some of the applications use automated rostering so that students are connected to the correct classroom within the app. The resources below can be used to get familiar with Clever and the various features it provides.

FlipGrid is a great, free tech tool which can be used to collect short video recordings from your audience. The videos are posted in an online shared space, where your audience can view and respond to each other’s videos. This can be used in classrooms as a way to check for understanding, share presentations, use as an exit ticket, and more.

The Forms app is located in the Office 365 portal and can be used to collect feedback or to assess learners. W​​hen you create a form, you can choose a standard survey or a quiz. The app is easy to use and your surveys/quizzes can be shared through a hyperlink.

Immersive Reader is part of the Microsoft Learning Tools suite and is integrated into various apps across Office 365. These inclusive tools help all students access text and increase student voice.​

 i-Ready diagnostics and lessons are part of the e-Learn design for distance learning as well as in-person learning.

NearPod is a presentation tool that infuses interactivity to create active learners. Teachers can upload existing presentations such as PowerPoints or Google Slides, or build their own presentations within NearPod. NearPod integrates into Microsoft Teams seamlessly and presentations can be accessed by code or login.

The OneNote Class Notebook for Teachers is an application that can be used with students to deliver digital learning content, create collaborative learning spaces and provide feedback on student activities and journals.

Remind is a text messaging app that teachers can use to communicate with parents and/or students to keep them up to date on classroom and school activities. Get started with three easy steps. View all Remind tutorials here.

Stream is an app within Office 365 that is similar to YouTube. It provides a platform to upload and share videos to users in the district or share to specific users privately. Stream is also where your Teams Meeting recordings are stored. You can even to use Stream to make screen recordings.

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